Hello there, She is my fourth completely MOC ship, not an upgrade or combined sets. For the time of making only speed build section, the ship is nearly completed, due to the virus situation cause the delay of parts order delivery, some ship sections may not be completed. And will skip some parts for shorten video duration. So pls understand that. Captain cabin, inclined window frames is the hardest section of the ship. She is fully equipped with 26 cannons on both side, lower and upper deck. Three masts, 10 sails. The rigging, sails will be the same technique as La Grenouille but the Black Pearl masts will be smaller. The upper deck floor can be lifted up and access to the lower deck only the frontal and middle section. For the rear lower section, cannon slider mechanisms as shown in video, will help to get the gun in fire position. For the rigging, I will make another video to show how to..

Black Pearl Pirate Ship MOC Dimensions & facts

  • Length : 77.7 cm
  • Max width : 30.5 cm
  • Height : 64.1 cm
  • Weights : Approximately 2,500 g
  • Pieces : 3,217
  • Price for bricks (APR 2020) : around 600-700 USD

credit to MOC YOUR BRICKs